Here at Hines we want you as parents and grandparents to feel comfortable in placing your little ones in the care of our well-trained staff while you study God’s Word and worship. Not only do we provide a clean, safe environment where they can rest and play, we delight in sharing God’s love with them. Should baby need you, we are only steps away.

Nursery/Preschool Procedures

What to Bring

Please have your child’s personal belongings clearly marked with his/her full name. Diaper bags should contain two to three diapers/pull ups, wipes, a change of clothes in case of an accident, a bottle/sippy cup of their preferred drink. Parents must also administer any medications.

What to tell Us

Tell us anything that will make your child feel more comfortable, especially his schedule for nap and feeding. Please notify caregivers when potty training; even if your child is still wearing diapers, we’ll be glad to help him along. Allergies: During check-in, inform the attendant of your child’s allergies.

Feedings and Snacks

Let us know when your baby needs to be fed and all that pertains to that. We have refrigeration available; please let us know if we need to use it for something in your diaper bag. The same is helpful with bottle-feeding.

If you are a nursing mom, please let us know how much “fussy-ness” to allow your baby to display before we get you to feed him. We can offer simple snacks such as animal crackers, Cheerios, and Goldfish to those children who are developmentally ready to chew, if that is acceptable to you.

Checking In

A Ministry Partner will welcome you and your child/children at the door, taking your diaper bag and child’s belongings (coat, etc.). You will be asked to fill out a brief form that tells us your child’s name, your name, allergies, and other information that would be important to know as we care for your child.

Health & Safety

In an attempt to keep the children healthy, all changing surfaces and toys are disinfected regularly.

If a child needs medication, the parent must administer it.
For the welfare of all, parents are heartily encouraged not to bring children to church who have the following symptoms:
  • nasal discharge (other than a minimal, clear discharge)
  • any discharge or matter around the eyes
  • fever (must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication)
  • inflamed throat and/or mouth
  • persistent coughing
  • head lice
  • open wounds without proper bandages
Children being treated with antibiotics should be on the drug for at least 48 hours.
Thank you so much for helping us in these ways.
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